Gemmological Workshop in Rome

Gemmological Workshop in Rome


The Workshop

Equipped with the most sophisticated gemmological instrumentation, the laboratory is entrusted to the expertise and professionalism of Gemmologist Francesco Bon, Technical Consultant of the Court in Tivoli, expert in precious metals at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and its province under the number 1597. The workshop performs the analysis processes according to the national (UNI) and international (GIA, IGI, HRD) standards, applying the knowledge developed at the university and in cooperation with the most important certification institutes, and offers its customers the right support to orient themselves in the complex gemmological world. Gemmological Analysis is a process by which a gem is examined, determining its nature, the quality features and the possible presence of artificial treatments for the improvement of colour and / or transparency. We offer Ratings, Expertise and Consultancy in Rome.

Evaluations and Estimations

In relation to jewellery we are used to evaluate and purchase strictly following the market value of gold and stones embedded in it. Where the object is particularly valuable, in relation to the signature, the era and the manufacture, the evaluation will consider these characteristics. Particular attention is paid to the precious stones such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and especially diamonds. Thanks to the experience and continuous updating in the gemmological field, we are able to provide estimations and evaluations as well as purchase following market quotations.

Why choose US?

1) The jewels are evaluated immediately in your presence.
2) The jewels are not dismantled for the evaluation of the stones.
3) The jewels, when appropriate and upon request, can be certified by the most qualified and internationally recognized institutions, such as I.G.I. of Antwerp (International Gemmological Institute), or HRD or GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) we cooperate with.
4) At the same time as the appraisal, the market value (estimation) of the object will be indicated to the customer.



I studied at the Gemmological Research Institute of Rosà, in the province of Padova , where I achieved the professional qualification of “Gemmology analyst stonemason of gemmological material”. Later I worked on the Pledge of the Cassa di Risparmio of Padova and Rovigo Agency No. 1, where I played the role of estimator. Back in Rome, I passed the examinations at the Chamber of Commerce as expert in the category of “precious materials”. Later I joined the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court in Tivoli, starting a collaboration still very solid with the court bailiffs. It is impossible to hide that my current knowledge is the result of my experience in the field of research, buying and selling abroad. I had the pleasure and the good luck to know, living as protagonist, the world’s greatest gemmological stages. Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha, Basel, Antwerp, Bangkok, New York, London are places I got my know-how from. Achieving the trust of the Customers is the main objective that I fixed since the beginning. A daily commitment that involves great research, continuous improvement of the analysis procedures and implementation of new instruments, to always give safe answers, in line with the best institutions of analysis in the world.